Our Spring 2017 Page-to-Stage Dunbar Location put on a fantastic and very inventive production of "A Freaky Fiasco" during the final class of the term. 

A special thanks to Miss Shannon, our assistant teacher who had to step in at the last minute to cover a student who was unfortunately sick on the day!

We are thrilled to work with North Vancouver Arts Council bringing Imagine That! workshops into local schools as an after school arts option.

This term we enjoyed working at Lynnmour Elementary with the K-Grade 5's on their production of "The Portal"

and Larson Elementary with the Grade 3-7's on their production of "An Accidental Download"

Take a look at some of the production photos!

Our Fall 2016  Page-To-Stage Dunbar Location

"Lost in the Woods" tells the story of a group of children who return to their campsite to find all the adults have mysteriously disappeared. They venture into the woods to search for them and strange things begin to occur...

On 28th May we had the great opportunity of performing at Dunbar's Salmonberry Festival. ​The students performed from their upcoming Spring Term production of "Freaky Fiasco" and we held an onstage workshop.

Please have a look at some of our photos from the day!

Our Winter 2017 Page-to-Stage Dunbar Location

"An Archeological Discovery" tells the story of a group of students who venture to Egypt on an archeological dig but they discover more than they bargained for.

Upon entering a pyramid they meet the ghost of an Egyptian Princess who desperately needs their help...