Winter Vancouver Downtown Location:

Yaletown Roundhouse Community Centre​​

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​"The world is but a canvas to the imagination"

​Henry David Thoreau

Weekly program that teaches students the fundamentals of writing,  directing and acting as students take their work from page to screen. 

This workshop is ideal for those students who have an avid interest in the world of film. The classes are broken into two sections. Each Session begins with a collaborative and in depth look at script formatting as students collectively write a screenplay. The second half of class is a comprehensive look into screen acting as the students block and direct the scenes they have written. In the final weeks of each semester students will shoot their films which will then be screened to an audience to complete the term. 

The term concludes with a screening  of the students work. 


Students attending Page-to-Stage will get an exclusive look inside what makes a theatrical production.

The class begins with the blank page, as students learn the fundamentals of writing a story using the three-act-structure. Week by week the story will progress through its main stages with students learning about characterization, conflict resolution and dialogue formatting.

Once words are put onto paper the students will then progress into the performance side of the class where the production will be directed and blocked. Students will move from writers to actors learning basic acting techniques such as projection and memorization.

Finally the students will step into the world of rehearsals where props, sound effects and costumes are added and their words become a physical, living production which they will perform in front of an audience during the final class. 


"Logic will get you from A to B but imagination will take you everywhere"

Albert Einstein​

Winter Vancouver Westside Locations:

Dunbar Community Centre

Friday 19th January- 20th April 2017


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Winter North Shore Locations:

Lynnmour Elementary School 

Larson Elementary School

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Weekly program that teaches students the fundamentals of writing, adapting, directing and acting as students take their work from page to stage. 

Students will begin the term by voting on a particular story or book which the class will then adapt into a stage play, which week-by-week will be scripted and then dramatically blocked ready for a final performance at the end of the term. 

This workshop is completely unique and has been designed specifically to teach students exactly what is involved when creating an adaptation work and moving it through production to its completion. 

The term concludes with a showcase performance of the students work. 


"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere"

Carl Sagan​

Junior Workshop (7- 12 years)​​